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How To Display Your Contact Us Information On Your Website

April 1, 2017

Your web site's home page is your online front door. There are 16 elements it must have. In this episode, "Small Business Stacey" discusses element #5: Having clear ways to contact you for more information. Conversions, revenue, business and profit — they all depend on the mighty call to action and having easy to find ways for them to contact you on your webiste. The key word in that last phrase was "ways" meaning, yes, more than just one. This episode is crucial to a successful website. This is part 5 of a 16 part series with Part 6 of 16 to follow. Please be sure to listen to all 16 episodes.

Download 16 Elements of a Great Online Home Page - Element 5 of 16 - How Do They Contact You?

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